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Dear Raider Nation:

On behalf of the Frontenac Raider coaches and players, I would like to thank everyone for all of

their support throughout the football season. We have a very special community in Frontenac,

and the support and excitement brought to the team will never be forgotten. We would like to

thank all of the parents for their hard work and sacrifice for the players, whether it be the food

on Thursday nights, the car rides to film on Saturday morning, or traveling to away games to

cheer on the Raiders. We couldn’t have had the success we did without your support. We

would like to thank the QB club for feeding the boys every Thursday night. We would also like

to thank the Cheerleaders, the Dance Team, and the Band for always putting on a great show

during pep rallies and games, having great signs, and getting the fans fired up on game nights.

I have to take a moment to thank my coaches for all of their hard work this year. I have the best

group of assistants who do a tremendous job with the kids. They are a huge part of the success

of the football program. It takes everyone to have a successful football program, and we could

not have had the success this season without everyone’s support in Frontenac. On that same

note I would like to thank everyone who worked the home football games, the custodial staff

for their work in getting the football field ready every week, and the administration and staff

for all of their support and hard work.

We would like to send a special thanks to all of the fans that made the trip to Holton to watch

the team play last Friday. The atmosphere was electric and in some ways, almost felt like

playing at the old Spigarelli field. The loud student section made it seem like it was a home

game. Thank you to the hundreds who watched the live stream of the game or tuned in on the


The loss last Friday against Holton will live with me for the rest of my life. It was so hard to see

our season end on that crazy fourth quarter against Holton. I will say that our kids gave

everything they had for the entire game and have nothing to be ashamed of because they did

everything the coaches asked and followed the game-plan just like we drew up. I would give

anything to see this football team still playing on Friday night. I am still at a loss for words on

how the fourth quarter went on Friday. We just couldn’t stop the bleeding, and once Holton

gained the momentum they were hard to stop. I would do anything to change the outcome for

our seniors and the rest of the team, but I know they will use this in a positive way in their life.

We will use this experience to help lead the future Raider teams to have success and inspire

young men to be better in every aspect of life.

A few things that I learned during the season are to never take anything for granted and enjoy

the moment! This team played with so much confidence this year. They had the ability to

make anything fun, whether it be a mid-week practice or a weekend film session, but they

especially had fun playing under the lights on Friday night! The seniors have been such good

role models for the rest of the team and have set the bar high for what we expect of our

upperclassmen. I have learned more from all of my players over the last five years than they

will ever realize and I am a better coach and person because of them. My family is blessed to be

part of this community and I feel like I have gained a very large 2 nd family here at Frontenac.

I promise we will continue to work hard to give our kids the best opportunity to be successful

when they are at Frontenac High School and beyond. I am thankful that Frontenac gave me the

opportunity to be the head football coach five years ago. I look forward to taking the next step

and making Frontenac the best school district in the state of Kansas.

God Bless,

Mark Smith



Cross Country


The Cross Country Girls Team placed third at the 4A Regional Meet in Burlington advancing them to the 4A STATE MEET.

This is only the third time in school history for an FHS Girls Cross Country Team to qualify to a State competition, and it is the first time to qualify in Class 4A.








FHS lead runner, senior Maggie Murray, placed 6th out of seventy-six competitors earning a 4A Regional individual medal and advancing to the 4A State Meet. Maggie ran her 5K in 20:38. Sophomore Jessica Peterson qualified for 4A State Cross Country for her second season. Jessica placed 9th in the 4A Regional Race.  

Sophomore Riley McDaniel also qualified as an individual placing 11th in a field of ninety-nine 4A boys. Riley ran his 5K in 17:39. Congratulations to Riley and the FHS Girls on their AWESOME Regional performance! STATE BOUND!!!







National Honor Society Application

Please click here to download the application.





In early 2016 USD 249 volunteered itself to be audited by the State of Kansas. 

Below are the results of this audit









CNC League Art Festival Results


Hope Coleman - Scratchboard Drawing - “Best of Division” - “Best of Category”

- Colored Pencil Drawing - Italy - “1st Place”

- Painting/Acrylic - Man w/Umbrella - “2nd Place”

Colored Pencil Drawing - Mad Hatter - “2nd Place”

Pencil Drawing - Rhino and Ship - “Honorable Mention”

Watercolor Painting - Lady w/Hat - “Honorable Mention”

Pencil Drawing - Girls Face & Flying Birds - “Honorable Mention”

Acrylic Painting - Starry Night - “Honorable Mention”


Lauren Eagon - Painting/Acrylic - Girl/Ladder -“Best of Division” - “Best of Category”

- Watercolor Painting - Abstract Face - “1st Place”

Scratchboard Drawing - Buildings - “1st Place”

- Colored Pencil Drawing - Multi-Colored Man - “Honorable Mention”

Pencil Drawing - Girl w/Tilted Head w/Pigtails - “Honorable Mention”


Cale Franklin - W/C Painting- Big Ben/Bridge- “Best of Division” - “Best of Category”

- Painting Watercolor - Sea Turtle - “Best of Division” - “Best of Category”

- Colored Pencil Drawing - Coke Bottles - “1st Place”


Lauren Hipfl - Colored Pencil Drawing - Dog - “Best of Division” - “Best of Category”

Watercolor Painting - Bird in Flight - “1st Place”

Painting/Acrylic - Gone w/the Wind - “Honorable Mention”


Carlos Herrera - Pencil Drawing - Face - “Best of Division” - “Best of Category”


Emily Snider - Pencil Drawing - Girl Holding Legs - “2nd Place”

- Watercolor - Caged Bird - “2nd Place”

Painting/Acrylic - Flamenco Dancer - “Honorable Mention”


Abbey Dainty - Painting/Acrylic - Perspective - “2nd Place”

- Painting/Watercolor - Girl/Cat - “3rd Place”

- Pencil Drawing - Gorilla w/Plants & Bird - “Honorable Mention”


Joey Lough - Colored Pencil Drawing - Yellow Sports Car - “1st Place”

- Pencil Drawing - Mustang - “Honorable Mention”


Whitney Sherman - Colored Pencil Drawing - Colorful Face - “1st Place”


A.J. Lusker - Pencil Drawing - Ford F-150 Truck - “1st Place”


Kieran Wilson - Pencil Drawing - Heart (instruments) - “2nd Place”


Annie Barton - Colored Pencil Drawing - Circles w/Blue Flowers - “2nd Place”


Kailey Hall - Pencil Drawing - 3 Panel Flowers - Still Life - “3rd Place”


Ashton Qualls - Pencil Drawing - Cousin & Baby - “Honorable Mention”


Mercedes Smalley - Colored Pencil Drawing - Avatar - “Honorable Mention”


Logan Sandifer - Pencil Drawing - Owl - “Honorable Mention”


Samantha Merando - Colored Pencil Drawing - Multi Colored Girl - “Honorable Mention”


Emily Meyers - Colored Pencil Drawing - Face & Abstract Hair - “Honorable Mention”




Frontenac High School Enrollment Handbook

You can download the 2016-2017 FHS Enrollment Handbook Below:

Handbook / Course Descriptions



Greenbush Student Tech Conference

On Tuesday, April 26th, Frontenac students attended the 2016 Greenbush Student Tech Conference.  Our FHS Raider Weekly broadcasting crew presented the technologies and processes behind their successful video productions. Several of the JH Tech Squad, The Raider GEEKS, and a few other high school students attended the day long event. 

Check out the Tech Adventure iMovie:

On your iPad or phone use the Aurasma app ( iOS / Android ) to FOLLOW the channel "Raider GEEKS". Use your camera to scan the Greenbush Student Tech Conference 2016 design below directly from ANOTHER computer screen, then double tap the screen to view the "TECH ADVENTURE" trailer. You can also scan the icon from someone's conference t-shirt!

If you do not have a smart phone you can click here to view the video.

Courtesy of Caryn Murray 



2016 School-Wide National Geographic Bee​

Eight students, 4th-7th grades, participated in the 2016 School-Wide National Geographic Bee. Representatives included 4th graders, Abram Frankenbery and Ruth Frederick; 5th graders, Cathryn Poe and Dayton Hutchison; 6th graders, Grady Garner and Austin Duval, and 7th graders, Chase Blakemore and Dylan Ensch. The school champion was Austin Duval with Chase Blakemore taking second and Grady Garner taking third. Each student represented his/her class well! Austin will now take an online exam to be submitted to the National Geographic Society. It will be scored and if he makes the top 100 scores in the state, he will advance to the state bee in Abilene, KS in April. Sydney Frankenbery and Cole Ferraro helped assist in conducting the bee as well as Chelsea Churchwell, who kept score, and Jennifer Morris, who was the moderator and the judge.

Day at the Museum

All FJH 6th grade students completed a biographical research paper on a famous person from history in their social studies class. To culminate this project, each student dressed as his/her historical person and gave a short, first-person speech in the "Day at the Museum." Guests were invited to walk along a chronological timeline of the historical figures to listen to each student's speech.







 Retired tires reused as Raider track

  By Sarah Gooding
 The Morning Sun 


 The tearing up and resurfacing of the Raiders’ track  shouldn’t interfere with the fall season football season and  will create a top-notch new surface for the track team  come spring.

 The replacement, which will provide a second life for  12,067 recycled tires, is being funded by a $147,000  Kansas Department of Health and Environment Solid Waste  Grant.
 “Everybody’s green now, and we wanted to come up with a  green product,” said Mike Dixon, a resident of Frontenac  who also is president of Track Renovations, the company  doing the resurfacing.
 He said used tires are one of the most difficult items to

“You can’t take it to the landfill and you can’t burn it,” Dixon said. “The fees you pay to dispose of the tire, that goes in a fund and is used for grants. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Read more: http://www.morningsun.net/article/20140915/News/140919841#ixzz3Dcreo1Pd




FRONTENAC — Using iPads to learn makes education "kind of funner" for Brooke Banks.
Banks, a fourth grader in Tim Vesco’s class at Frontenac’s Frank Layden Elementary is in one of four elementary and four junior high classrooms testing out iPads in education before a 1:1 initiative goes district-wide in coming years.
"We’re just a few days in, but I’ve already seen a lot more enthusiasm to try things out and to work with the iPad," Vesco said. "I want to see the kids not just using it as a sub for papers."
Vesco said initially students are getting a feel for the screens, but in coming months will be doing all sorts of project-based learning, including making green screen movies, blogging and more.

Read more: http://www.morningsun.net/article/20140822/News/140829943#ixzz3BhLPFLYo






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