Driver Safety Education Summer 2017

I want to welcome you to Driver’s Safety Education.  This class is designed to teach children how to operate a vehicle on the ever changing roads.  The student will learn right from wrong, laws, and most importantly the safety behind the wheel.  Students must pass the test with 80% or better to have passed the class.  Driving is a privilege not a right.  Students must understand that it is a very big step in their lives.  The class should be taken with care and importance.  Requirement is to be 14 by the time of driving.


Important dates:

May 9th: Parent Meeting (required to attend one) 6:00 in Mr. Gudde’s Room

May 11th: Parent Meeting (required to attend one) 6:00 in Mr. Gudde’s Room

May 12th: Eye Exams in Mr. Gudde’s room during seminar

May 25th: Application and Payment of $204 must be turned in to the FHS Office or Mr. Gudde

(Students will not participate unless payment is paid in full before School is out.)


Class Time:

May 30th-June 2nd (Tues-Friday)

June 5th – June 8th (Mon-Thursday)



Students will have driving time to meet all standards.  Each student will sign up for 5 days of 3 hours.  If they pass all standards, then their course will be over.  

Driving will start May 30th for 6 students.


Checklist of items Needed:


Vision Test

$4 for the permits – Due May 25th

$200 Fee for the course – Due May 25th


For any information, please contact me at

I will get back with you as soon as possible with an answer.

Thank You!