Check Mate!

The Chess Club at Frontenac High School is the newest addition to our wide variety of clubs. The club helps students strategize and think more carefully about the decisions they make. Will the club participate in tournaments? How will the club expand? We decided to talk to the club’s founder, Mr. Eckstein, to see why he opted for this club to be added to our school and what his goals are for the years to come.

“The chess club is a new program, so there will be some learning needed,” says Eckstein. The club is projected to expand to the middle school, for some interest has been shown in that area. A beginner teaching program is also being talked about for the elementary, for students who are interested in how the game is played. The club will attend seven tournaments over the course of the year, and they will also attend the state tournament. While students must qualify individually for state, Eckstein is confident that the requirement of qualifying four individuals for the state tournament will be met. The chess club is still very small, with only seven to ten members, but Mr. Eckstien hopes that more students will be willing to try something new and join the chess club. There are still strategies to be learned, but as the club expands, Mr. Eckstein plans to further the chess knowledge of students of all levels.