FHS 2nd Annual Club Fair

By Alexis McDonald and Hannah Eckstein

This year, Frontenac High School held its second annual club fair. The club fair is meant to encourage students to sign up for clubs and to be involved with the school and community. A student can join as many clubs as they want and are encouraged to be a part of more than one. Despite what many high-school students fear, it is absolutely possible and manageable; all that matters is how much dedication and work ethic students have. Balancing time is a skill that not a lot of students have, but they can gain that skill and learn what their limits are by being involved.

The event was held during seminar, the study period at the end of the school day. The event was engaging, and it seemed as if everyone there was having an amazing time. Now, you may be asking, how long did it take to set up? The answer is quite a while. “It was just me [Hannah Eckstein], Connor Taylor, and Mrs. Niederklein working on setting it up. Between the three of us, we were able to get most of it done in about an hour and thirty minutes; however, the prep beforehand for all the clubs and all the boards and tables took a significant portion of time.” The hard work paid off when the workers saw that the students were excited and engaged in the event.

Freshmen seemed thrilled for all the club opportunities this year. Most of them wanted to join for future opportunities. One student, Bree Maxwell, says, “I signed up for TSA (Technology Students Association), Pep Club, Journalism, and Scholar’s Bowl. Some of them I signed up for to be involved with the school, and others were to help me figure out what career I want to go into.” Another student, Kaitlyn Hayslip, states, “I signed up for Interact, FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America), Pep Club, SAFE (Seatbelts Are For Everyone) club, Journalism, and HOSA (Future Health Professionals). I chose these clubs because they will either benefit me in the future, give me more chances to help my community, or I thought it would be something my friends and I could have fun doing together.” Clubs have really intrigued students this year!

Students love the clubs at Frontenac High School. Maxwell says, “My favorite thing about every club I’ve joined so far is the people I’ve met.” Hayslip says, “My favorite thing about the clubs are that I can meet new people and gather social skills. I can learn so much from the clubs that I’ve joined.” While FHS offers clubs such as HOSA, TSA, and FCCLA that are centered around career education, these clubs also offer other necessary lessons for high school students, such as time-management, organization, and academic rigor. Other clubs promote ideals within students. Many clubs, including Interact Club and Dollar Club, are centered around volunteerism and service.

At the fair, each club had a table where they could set up their own displays. At the tables, there were students and teachers ready to explain and answer questions. Hayslip says, “The displays for the clubs were very good. They explained the clubs really well, and so did
the students at the displays. Everyone was so welcoming and answered any questions I had.”

Frontenac also added a club this year. Hannah Eckstein, one of the students who helped set up this event, says, “This year Frontenac added only one club, and that was the chess club, sponsored by Mr. Eckstein. Last year, we started two new clubs: HOSA and Journalism. So, there were a lot of newer things at the club fair this year. I am really hopeful that Frontenac will continue to expand their clubs.”

As Frontenac continues to host student organizations, the club fair will continue to promote the opportunities provided to the students. From healthcare to volunteering to chess, Frontenac High School offers an organization for almost every student to be involved in. The second annual club fair was a major success for both the students and the organizations at Frontenac, and they hope to replicate this success in the upcoming years.