Freshmen @ FHS

By Abe Frederick and Emily Todd

What’s it like to be a freshman at Frontenac in 2019? That’s what we’re about to find out. We asked eight of our current freshmen a few questions about their freshman year so far, and here’s how they responded.

The first thing we wanted to know was their first impressions. We asked the question, “How did you feel on your first day of freshmen year?” Many students, including Brennan Frazier and Carter Chance, agreed that the first day of freshman year wasn’t as bad as they had expected and that it was almost boring and the first day of freshman year seemed just like the first day of any other year. However, we asked Cadence Gaines, and her response was different as it’s her first year here at Frontenac. She says that her first day was a little overwhelming, but there were plenty of friendly peers who stepped up and tried to make her feel comfortable. It’s good to know we have this kind of friendly environment here at Frontenac.

Then we asked the question, “Do you feel like it’s easy to go from junior high to high school here at Frontenac?” Most students, including Caden Stephens and Alexis McDonald, agreed that it’s pretty easy to go from junior high to high school here because it’s all in the same building, and the junior high prepared them well by letting them experience classes with many of the high school teachers before the students were actually in high school. Most of our interviewed students also agreed that being a freshman this year hasn’t been very hard. As Mia Vesco put it, “[Freshman year is] not as bad as people make it out to be.”

We also asked the freshmen some more specific questions about their year, starting with, “What’s your favorite class as a freshman?” When asked, all of the students agreed that English, with Mrs. Comstock, and Biology, with Mrs. Mahnken, were some of their favorite classes, claiming that the work isn’t too hard and the teachers have set up a good environment for their students. As Tucker Jameson says about Mrs. Mahnken, “She’s just a blast. She’s the bomb,” or as Caden Stephens says about Mrs. Comstock, “She’s easy to get along with.” Another question we asked was, “How do you feel about the location of the freshmen lockers?” Most of the upperclassmen may not like the response, but all of the freshmen we interviewed agreed that the freshmen lockers are much better where they are in the high school rather than where they were in the previous location, even if it is a little congested.

The last two questions were a little more personal, the first of those being, “Are you looking forward to future years in high school here?” For the most part, the reaction was a strong yes. As Cadence Gaines said, “Yes, with all the new programs and clubs, there’ll hopefully be new, fun opportunities.” However, Caden Stephens said that he wishes the school was a little bigger
so he could “experience more teachers”
and have a “larger variety of classes.”

The final question we asked was, “Would you rather go back to junior high or stay in high school, if you had the choice?” Of the eight students, we had six students say that they enjoy high school and wouldn’t want to go back.