Frontenac Schools Reopening Plan

July 28, 2020


Thank you for your patience as our dedicated group of staff, parents, and healthcare professionals have worked to develop a Plan to Resume School that focuses on a safe and healthy learning environment for all students. After careful planning and collaboration, we are excited to release the Plan to Resume School.


Last night, the USD 249 Board of Education held a special meeting to finalize guidelines to resume school for the 2020-2021 school year.  We would like to give our sincere appreciation to the District Taskforce who came together to collaborate on the important task of planning for a safe return to school.  As we’ve all learned and experienced, situations can change quickly, but we are confident this plan will give us a solid foundation and provide protocols for adjustment.  The beginning of school will be August 18th.  This will allow additional time for professional development and to reorganize classrooms.  It is imperative for our faculty to be part of the preparation process once they return to duty. 


USD 249 is committed to providing a choice to parents on how each of their children will be educated during the upcoming school year.  The two choices for Frontenac USD 249 students will be either On-site Learning or Remote Learning.


When a parent chooses On-site Learning the option indicates a desire for the child to receive instruction in a school building, with an understanding the school district may need to make adjustments during the year in response to evolving COVID-19 conditions.


When a parent chooses Remote Learning they will be indicating a desire to have all learning via internet access without the need to enter a school building.  Instruction will be provided by certified teachers from USD 249 using the district curriculum and materials.  It is important to note that Remote Learning will have a higher degree of accountability on the part of both the district and the family.


  • On-Site Learning
    • Students attending in person learning.
    • Social distancing will be followed when possible, but may not be available in the classroom setting.
    • Face coverings will be worn in the building at all times, unless students are consuming food and beverages at lunch.  Breaks will be built into the day for students to social distance and take the face coverings off.
  • Hybrid Learning
    • If county health officials determine a need to reduce the number of students physically attending school at the same time, USD 249 may implement a Hybrid Learning model in which students will still be educated in the school building, but the amount of time in the school will be reduced and elements of Remote Learning will be implemented along with On-site Learning.
  • All Remote Learning
    • If COVID-19 conditions warrant the closure of school buildings, USD 249 may transition to All Distance Learning which means PreK-12 students will receive instruction online until school buildings can safely reopen.
  • Co-Curricular Activities
    • Participation in extracurricular activities and athletics for On-Site and Remote Learning will follow policies and guidelines provided by the Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA).

Rick Simoncic,

Frontenac Schools Superintendent


Frontenac Public Schools Reopening Guidelines

2020-2021 District Calendar BOE Amended 8-3-20