FJH School Supply List

Frontenac Junior High School Supply List 2020-2021 

We are aware that disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer can be a scarce commodity at this time. If you are unable to provide a container, we will understand. Also, hand sanitizing stations will be in each classroom and in high traffic locations throughout the district. 

  • Please focus on purchasing core class supplies. 
  • Once students receive their schedules, parents may purchase supplies for elective classes. 

Supplies For All Advisory Classes (general supplies) 6th/7th/8th 1- Bottle of hand sanitizer 4- Boxes of Kleenex tissues 2- Containers of disinfectant wipes All Students 1 pair of earbuds/headphones (kept by student at school for daily iPad use) 

6th Math (Houghton) ( Rakes ) 1- notebook (spiral) 2- composition notebook (not spiral) Pencils (any kind) 1- grading pen 

7th Reading (Houghton) 1- composition notebook #2 pencils 

6th/7th Reading (Likely) 1- college-rules spiral notebook (3 subject size) Colored pencils Pen or pencil 

6th Social Studies (Morris) 1- pkg. college ruled notebook paper 1- college ruled spiral notebook (1 subject) 1- pocket folder Pencils Pens 1- box of colored pencils 

6 th Music (Graves) 1- 3-ring binder 

6 th Career Exploration (Ulepich) 1- spiral notebook Pen or pencils 1- pkg index cards 

6 th Health (Rhuems) Notecards 3-ring binder or notebook 

6 th Art History (Morris) Colored Pencils Pencil and pen 6 th / 7 th /8 th Grade (May have one or more of these teachers, check schedule before buying all supplies) 

6th/7th/8th English (Warrick, Flack) Pencil or pen Red pen Spiral for a journal Spiral or notebook paper 

ALL GIRLS JH PE (Rhuems) 1- container of disinfectant wipes 

7 th Math (Smith) Earbuds 1- 3-ring binder (just for math) 100+ sheets of loose leaf paper or 3 small Notebooks (fit inside binder) Pencils (any kind) 1- highlighter or 1 grading pen (any color) 

7 th Impact (Smith) Pencil and pen Colored pencils or markers 

7th Spanish (Smith) Pencil and pen Colored pencils or markers 1- small notebook with pockets 

7 th /8 th Reading, ELA Literature (Reagan) #2 pencils Highlighters 1- 3 ring binder Notebook paper Colored pencils OR crayons (student preference) Adult coloring book (optional) 

6 th /7 th Science (Murray) College-ruled Spiral (three subject size) 1- Binder with Rings and Pockets ( for Science only ) Notebook Paper Notecards Pencils Red Pen Glue/Tape/Cleaning Wipes (Science donations welcome) 

6 th /8 th Science (Menghini) 1- college ruled spiral or 3-subject size ( science only ) 1- pkg. #2 pencils ( no pens ) 1- box colored pencils (general school use) 1- pocket folder 

8 th Math (Rakes) Earbuds 1- 3-ring binder (just for math) 2- notebooks (fit inside binder) Pencils (any kind) 1- grading pen (any color) Scotch tape or clear tape Small protractor 

7th Social Studies (Fields) 1- college ruled spiral notebooks (1 subject) Pencils 

8 th FACS (Ulepich) 1- spiral notebook Pen or pencils 1- pkg index cards 

7 th /8 th Computers/ Keyboarding (Brenner) 1- pocket folder for Computers/Keyboarding ONLY Notebook Paper Pencils 

7 th /8 th Technology (Aiken, Gudde) Pencils Pocket folder