Emily Broege takes third in Joplin Globe Veterans Day essay contest

Third place: Emily Broege, eighth grade, Frontenac (Kan.) Junior High School. Teacher: Mary Warrick.

“Veterans Day”

Why is Veterans Day important, and how can we show gratitude to those who have fought for our country? It’s important to put a spotlight on soldiers and to honor them, and to also show that we are thankful for all they have done.

Veterans Day is important because it puts a spotlight on current serving soldiers and past soldiers that have fought to keep us safe. This is important because it shows them that there are so many people that are thankful for everything they have done from just enlisting, to putting their life at risk. They are not always reminded of how much people appreciate what they are doing. Fighting in a war in places like Iraq is hard and showing support for those soldiers can make such a big difference, it can help show them not only what but who they are fighting for.

It’s also important to honor them through celebration and to remember those who have passed. Honoring soldiers is a huge part of Veterans Day because it shows them that there is a nation of people who support them and what they do. It’s also a good time to remember fallen veterans because their life and what they did for us is rarely ever honored. You can go to a veterans memorial and place flowers, poppies, for those who have died but don’t have family to remember them.

It’s important that we show veterans that we are thankful for all they have done and there are many ways we can. One which is very common is to fly an American flag from sunrise to sunset. This symbolizes the fallen soldiers and shows patriotism for the United States. Also, if you happen to see a veteran either in uniform or with anything that symbolizes that they have served, tell them that you are grateful for their service. Another way to show gratitude is to go to veterans’ hospitals and go just talk to them. They love telling stories of their time serving and don’t typically get most visitors.

There are so many things that make Veterans Day important and many ways to show gratitude for veterans. Just doing a simple act of kindness like visiting a veteran can make a huge difference, and don’t forget the importance of Veterans Day.


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