Raider Chess Almost Captures State Title

This weekend the Frontenac Raider Chess Team competed in the Kansas State Championship. Unlike previous years, the State Tournament was held online with players huddled over their screens, waiting for their pairing to be posted on the shared website.

This was the first year that Frontenac has gotten to compete at State as last year was cancelled just days before it was scheduled to occur. At State ALL schools of ALL sizes that have a chess team compete against each other with the highest scoring school in each division winning the title. While none of the smaller schools were able to compete with the likes of Lawrence Free State or the Blue Valley schools, our Raiders were able to end up tied with Cherryvale as the best 3A finishers. When ties occur, a system of tie breaks are used to determine the winner. Unfortunately, the Frontenac team ended up in 2nd place.

Even though 2nd was one step short of our goal, it was a bit of a victory after the way we started the day. In the early rounds, many of the Raiders faced some of the toughest players in the state. Abe Frederick actually faced the eventual individual State champ in the first round. Fortunately, chess tournaments are played in 6 rounds no matter what results you start with. This allowed the Raiders to come back after an early 4 point deficit. While 4 points doesn’t sound like a lot in other sports, it is the most a team can score in one round.

The best news is the fact that the Frontenac Raiders had no Seniors on the team this year. So we will only improve in the future. Members of the State team were Abe Frederick, Joel Tinsley, Alex Troth, Ian Todd, Ryan Hite, and Tallon Bonine. Congratulations guys. You did well.

 Alex Troth, Ian Todd, Tallon Bonine, Joel Tinsley, Ryan Hite, and Abe Frederick
From left to right, Joel Tinsley, Ryan Hite, Abe Fredrick, Alex Troth
 From left to right, Joel Tinsley, Ryan Hite, Abe Fredrick, Alex Troth