FJH Stuco Members Announced

Frontenac Junior High established new guidelines for our junior high school student council.  These guidelines were approved by the USD 249 Board of Education.  The policy was developed to create manageable numbers for the activities and for the sponsor.  This policy sets a minimum number of student council members at 30.

As in years past, students were required to apply for student council. Those applications were reviewed by three teachers and the principal, and points were given to each question the applicants answered.  The committee reviewed the numbers and selected forty students to be in the student council. In the event of a tie in points, all students with tied scores were also selected for the council.   

The 2023-24 student council members are:

Emerson Albright

Greta Anderson

Nora Anderson

Madison Blann

Mia Bloom

Cam Brown

Bryce Bugni

Landon Clemensen

Aggie Cook

RJ DeLeon-Albert

Rylee DeLeon-Albert

Gracynn Fathbruckner

Reece Franklin

Hanna Gudde

Lundun Hickman

Londyn Himebrook

Korbyn Howard

Myra Jordan

Strauss Kunshek

Addelynn Lillich

Harlee Merrick

Kinley Minton

Brynne Mitchell

Max Morris

Kaysen Morrison

Ella Niederklein

Giana Pile

Sophia Rudisill

Caden Russell

Kaden Shaffer

Norah Spear

Addison Stanley

Eva Stewart

Lakyn Sullivan

Brinkley Terlip

Paige Unruh

Alijah Weimer

Austin Weimer

Isabella Westhoff

Rain Wheeler

Thank you to all who applied, and we encourage everyone to continue to be active in FJH activities.