District Goals

  1. Provide a strong diverse curriculum for our students;
    1. By addition of college level courses and career ready curriculum.
    2. By implementing strategies to achieve the highest standards on district, state and standardized assessments.
    3. In the area of 21st century learning with a focus on technology.
  2. The district will operate with a balanced budget through sound financial practices;
    1. By developing and maintaining budget, facility, transportation, and technology plans.
  3. Hire and retain quality teachers and administrators, not accept anything less;
    1. By integrating technology in teaching and learning to prepare students for an ever-changing world.
    2. By supporting our teachers in their pursuit of professional learning by developing and maintaining a professional development plan.
  4. The district will support the social and emotional health of students and staff in the areas of academics, activities, and athletics;
    1. By providing time and resources for civic engagement.
    2. By providing effective family engagement practices through activities and resources.
    3. By providing communication on finding key information in order to help their children become college and career ready.
    4. By providing facilities, staff, and other resources necessary to maintain high achieving extra-curricular activities.


BOE Approved 2-11-19