Frontenac High School Veteran’s Wall


Frontenac Junior High School faculty member Brady Hill, a 2000 graduate of Frontenac High School, is in the process of developing a veterans’ wall at FHS to honor the service and sacrifice of all Frontenac alumni who served in the military.  


In order to start compiling the list of all FHS graduates that served in the United States Armed Forces, Mr. Hill needs to secure the following information:


  • First name, last name, and any nicknames
  • Frontenac High School graduation year (grads only for now)
  • Branch(es) of service
  • Years of service
  • Digital copy of service photo
  • Biographical information including military rank, awards / decorations, career outside of the military, significant contributions to the community, etc.)

This information can be submitted by e-mailing Brady Hill at or, dropped off at either the junior high or high school offices.